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U.S. to BKK, REP, DPS (in J)

Ok, well I've narrowed down my trip destinations. I'm not sure what the best route would be to make the most of my miles. I want to visit Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Bali - the order of the visits don't matter at all. I want to make the most of the stopover options allowed on AS partner redemptions and whichever stopovers make the most sense on the return flight. I'm find doing (shorter) revenue flights within Asia but would like to get to DPS on redemption (not too short of a flight)

I was planning on using AS miles (most likely on CX for the outbound, but could be JL) departing from ORD, SFO, or LAX. I was thinking I'd connect in HKG but don't know where to go next (DPS, BKK, or REP) One of these destinations could also be on the return route as a stopover also. I was planning on using a combination of MR and UR points to fly KE or SQ but am open to other options.

Any suggestions?
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