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There are more than few scenarios in which travel cannot be booked last minute. Some high-end resorts book up a year or more in advance, e.g., The Awanee, Wildlife lodges, holiday seasons, etc. Then there are some of us who are wedded to particular rooms or suites in upscale hotels/resorts. Many Americans have limited vacation opportunities which also can force booking well inadvance.

I am learning a lot from these posts -- most especially that there is no one-size fits all. I typically have been a self-insurer, telling myself that if I can pay $50K for a luxury trip, I can sustain the loss as well. Either way the money is gone.

This particular time, the time lapse is seven and a half months and the cost of the trip is way up there so I bought insurance through Travelex. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Short Answer: Hard Pass

Longer Answer: like many others (e.g. MikeFromTokyo), we tend to travel so last minute that the necessity for it asymptotically approaches zero.
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