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Originally Posted by whimike View Post
Say what? AE flies into the Eagles Nest, it is not Terminal 5.

I have flown into the Eagle's Nest about 20-25 times and it has never taken anywhere remotely close to 30 minutes. On average it takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to T4. Certainly it could take 30 minutes, but I would consider that to be an outlier and to be under the worst circumstances. Every time I have been there, there have been multiple buses running and rarely had to wait more than 5 minutes for a bus to arrive.

MCT according to AA is 90 minutes domestic to international. If arriving at Eagle's Next you would take the bus to T4 then walk to TBIT via the air-side walkway. Can it be done in 60 minutes? Yes, if everything aligns well and you don't mind being stressed. 90 minutes I would consider the most realistic minimum time. If you decide to chance it and if you are on separate tickets, make sure you can check-in inline for your international flight (often easier said that done). I don't think you can be on the same ticket as 60 minuets doesn't meet MCT.
It's on the same ticket from, otherwise I won't create this post to ask the question. I checked a few days and found the aa international flight was in T4, so I need to go from "eagle's nest" to T4.
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