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Originally Posted by onlysuites View Post
I have a similar situation, get in on UL and then depart on WY. Will I be able to get my luggage retagged from the transfer desk. We get in at 11pm and don't leave till 845am so thats a heck of a long wait outside. Rather sleep in the airport hotel.

Any hotels directly outside airport?
Would this be on seperate tickets..? Looks tough as far as re-tagging luggage in the airport itself if it's on separate tickets.

As far as resting for the night, there's the 'Serenediva Transit Hotel' in the airport itself, but if you need to collect your bags post immigration you wouldn't have access to it.
There are a lot of hotel options outside of the airport.
  • Gateway Airport Garden Hotel (part of the Taj group)
  • Heaps of options in Negombo (10 mins ride from the airport)
  • Lots of smaller options as well just outside the airport
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