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Part two, Inbound flights :

Centers hand off aircraft an approach controller which is not really a position in the facility. My facility has three scopes and three associated positions, East Radar (ER), West Radar (WR), and Final Radar (FR) but FR is usually closed. Other facilities can have many more positions then that each one is called approach. The main responsibility of the approach position is to take many streams of aircraft and sequence them into an appropriate number corresponding to the number of runways. This might be 1 to 6 different controllers depending on the volume of traffic, the number of streams and the number of runways. At larger facilities an additional position is final monitor that only opens when ILS's are in use and only watch a 10 mile long stretch of final and usually transmitting on both approach and tower frequencies and sole function is to break aircraft out if compression is two high and separation would be lost. After the approach controller who is working the final clears an aircraft for an approach they hand the aircraft back to the tower controller who clears the aircraft to land, after the aircraft has landed they are handed off to ground control for taxing. After that the process starts over again. In many cases the composition of the work force changes based on the time of day, for my facility our staffing minimum is 7 for day shifts (6-14), Evenings (14-22) and 2 on Mids (22-06). On Mids every position is combined to the tower with one person working everything and one on break. During the other shifts there is 3 in the tower 3 in the traction and 1 one break, not counting trainees.
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