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Originally Posted by Toshbaf View Post
If it seems somewhat precautionary, I'd take my luggage because it could be a fight for reimbursement or things that are hard to replace may be lost.
That's what we need: Armchair passenger questioning the emergency level when the captain orders to evacuate ASAP and use the slides. They don't inflate the slides for fun. It would be great if there was a law saying "Anyone caught with a carry-on will be fined ten times the value of the carry-on and all of its content." In most cases I carry around valuables in my carry-on but at no point would I hesitate to leave everything behind in the airplane.

Everything but live and/or live changing injuries can be replaced.

Originally Posted by Toshbaf View Post
Lately, I've been wearing my coat before landing if the weather is very cold and I put some harder to replace things in my pockets, like the phone, keys, ID, and credit cards.
Those are not hard to replace. It's annoying to get them replaced but it's not hard. Takes you a day's work to replace locks, phone, IDs and credit cards.

I also ask that the passenger in the window seat open the shades on landing at least half way so one can see if there's fire on that side. Only once did the passenger refuse. She was militant and probably felt she was a lifelong victim of discrimination so she had to insist on her way.[/QUOTE]
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