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Originally Posted by dulciusexasperis View Post
Why stress over nothing? There is never a need to worry about cancellation fees IF you book directly with the hotel. If a hotel has a 72 hour or 24 hour or whatever cancellation policy, all you do is call up and change your booking to a different date a week or more ahead. ie. if your booking is for this Friday, change it to next Friday. Then on Monday, call and cancel the booking. Voila, you cancelled prior to 72 hours in advance. You can call up and change a booking at less than 24 hours notice and no one will blink an eye.

'Hi, I have a booking for tonight but a change in plans means I will have to postpone till next week. I would like to change my reservation from tonight to a week from tonight. Thank you.'
Have a look about half way down this page: Confessions of a hotel insider

Of course if you foolishly book through a third party which will not allow you to change the booking and avoid the cancellation fee, well then you have only yourself to blame.

Whether a cancellation policy is worded ambiguously or not isn't the issue. The question really is, 'will it cost me to cancel'. The answer to that is no, not if you're smart about how you book in the first place and how you handle a last minute cancellation if you need to make one.
This is just downright poor advice. Many (most) hotels will allow you one change out of the goodness of their heart, and put in comments that it is now non cancellable. You may have gotten lucky a few times, but will get stung eventually if you keep this up. If you do it more than a couple times, your account will probably be flagged. Same thing with No Shows. Do it once or twice, you can probably sweet talk your way out of being charged, eventually they will catch on that you are a low life. Also, all third party websites will allow you to cancel if you contact the hotel and they allow the cancellation without billing the OTA.

As far as that hotel insider thing, hahahahaha. Someone telling you how to eat your mini bar and not pay, watch movies and not pay, nice! Same guy that put out Heads in Beds, a really horrible book that makes the entire industry look bad. smh. Do you read and follow advice on how not to pay for your meals in restaurants also?

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