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There are several categories of "Guest" seats on EY:

a) Exists but only for married segments or directional segments (AUH-JFK-AUH is available but JFK-AUH is not or LHR-AUH-BOM is available but LHR-AUH is not)

b) Guest seats which are bookable by US/UK AA agents

c) Guest seats which are bookable by only certain oversees call centers (difficult to pin point which ones because calls get forwarded to very different country than one you dialed and more confusingly if it is contracted overflow call center, agent is required to lie about their location)

d) New such categories can come and go without any consistency

Since AA miles are usually earned free and EY is unusually efficient use of those not-so-hard earned miles, one usually puts up with ever changing idiosyncrasies involved. Staying on top of this thread on regular basis (not just when needing to actually book tickets) minimizes frustrations and controls expectations.

As with most airlines but especially so with AA and EY, availability is much better with just few days before the travel dates (provided flight is not almost sold out)
I have many times changed my flights with only few hours before departure only to find gate agent looking for volunteers. Go figure.
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