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MR $200 Credit - Airline choice question

I have had United as my airline of choice for years and finally just figured out how to get the 200. in United credit last year - the first year I ever got the full value of this benefit and now apparently it is gone again.
So reading through here, it is apparent I will need to change my airline of choice to AA in order to get the full GC card reimbursement.I don't fly AA much but can use the gc at some point I am sure.
I do fly United often as I am based in Houston and am United plat so would still prefer to have them be my airline of choice. Can I name AA as my airline of choice for 2018 get the gift cards and then change back to United? I don't remember when we actually have to make our choice...but I thought I remembered you can only change once during a year? I have not gotten that notification yet and in the past, I have just allowed it to roll over to United.
I guess the other option is to remain united for the year and then come next December change to AA (assuming the loophole hasn't closed by then).
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