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The temperature was surprisingly mild - the coldest we experienced was probably in the 20s, although the wind chill brought it down a bit further. On the sunny days it probably reached 40F. At more than one point I stripped down my top layer to just a T-shirt or a sweater (although I still left all my bottom layers on).

I'm sure there was some danger of falling in the water for the paddle-boarders. They only got to do it when conditions were pristine, and I'm sure they had some kind of safety briefing about it. I don't know what it entailed.

You are not allowed to approach the penguins and they ask that you keep at least 10-15 feet away from them. However you do not need to move should the penguins approach you, and this happened routinely. On more than one occasion I had a penguin just stroll by within arm's reach. Most of the photos were done with a telephoto lens though.
Thanks for the answers MastaHanky. Just an incredible TR- Antarctica looks otherwordly.

- Any tips for last minute booking with Quark and did you consider any other operators?
- Which city did you depart from?
- Any seasickness on the Drake Passage crossing?

Sorry for all the questions. It's such an interesting destination!
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