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It's typically something small, and sometimes you can acknowledge the changes on the website or app in ten seconds and be done with it, but even just yesterday I had to call in for a paid reservation because my return flight from SFO had been renumbered and scheduled for ten minutes earlier.

So yes, it can be annoying, and there's no immediate notification, so I just check on my reservations periodically. But while you should try to get things straightened out ASAP, there's no need to panic over losing availability--in my experience, AS will do what it takes to make sure you still get where you go on time. I used AS miles for an AA Y trip to Colombia coming up in February, and I've had a whole bunch of schedule changes, including a cancellation of my first leg to DFW on AS a couple months ago. When I called in, they gave me a few options, including flying out earlier in the day and staying in a hotel on their dime until my connection the next morning, or having them contact AA to ask them to open up Y award space on the SEA-MIA direct. (I chose the latter, and apparently AA said no, but I got routed through AUS instead with barely any timing change.) And AS has the flexibility to open up their own award space as needed for reaccommodation.
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