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Originally Posted by Omba View Post
Bit of advice needed if possible.

My son and friend had their 16.00 (ish) flight home from Nice cancelled Sunday, they have been re-booked onto the last flight Monday (21.00 ish)

They have been put up in a hotel but I have a few questions, (having read the EU261 widget)
  • In terms of sustenance throughout Monday, I assume they can keep their receipts, they shouldn't be expected to hang around the airport all day should they?
  • Did they, or do they still, have the option to say, "that 30 hour delay is unreasonable, we want either booking onto another airline or the scope to go home by train at BA's expense"
  • In terms of EU261, my understanding of exceptional circumstances is that weather delays are not valid for claims. However in the main thread I saw this...
15) What about knock-on effects?
This relates to disruption caused by aircraft being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, leading to you being disrupted. For example if you are due to fly from Cape Town to London but your aircraft is still stuck in New York due to a blizzard. In that situation you should be entitled to compensation.
  • Clearly the snow delay was not in Nice itself, so would they therefore come under the scope of the compensation scheme?

Thanks all in advance
Sustenance allowance BA likes is: 25 per person per day on food, you can spend more but they would fight it and prob only refund 25. You also get taxi allowance of 50, 2 reasonable phone calls, and 200 per night in hotel max.
You can try the 30-hour line, but BA seems more than happy to reimburse multiple hotel nights then to repay train tickets which are cheaper, go figure...
EC compensation unlikely to apply, You can try it on the argument that BA caused a mess and all other companies were fine, but who knows (coincidentally our pilot said during the delay it's BA's poor gate allocation planning meaning we could land but not park anywhere (then he also said because of this cock-up ATC said no more BA planes to be admitted to LHR).
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