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Transfer Desk CMB

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it.

I am planning to transit CMB again in a couple of months time for 6 hours, TK to MH. I have done similar transits at CMB several times before, but never to MH.

Recently, I was a little surprised and disappointed that when connecting SQ to AI (both Star Alliance) on separate tickets, the transfer desk wouldn't issue a boarding pass for the AI flight to DEL, so I had to enter Sri Lanka, wait, check in, and then depart Sri Lanka (which can be a bit of a pain). Luckily I had a valid transit visa.

Given my recent experience, I was wondering if anyone could advise whether the transfer desk at CMB can issue a boarding pass for MH (and perhaps provide a list of airlines handled by the transfer desk). It could affect my choice of airline.

Many thanks in advance.
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