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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
One of my pet annoyances is the ever ballooning size of attachments, the King James Bible can be sent as a 1.4 mb ePub file (and it has a few maps in it), so nothing should be bigger than that. There again my current email account is 33 years old and can still work with its original PDP-10 address, beginning with the number 7. And in those days concision was a necessity.
Believe it or not this stupid file was originally around 250MB when it was sent to me (not by email, might I add, and I did not downloaded it on-board!) because of a big pile of high resolution photos, which they did not even need to send to me, scattered around approx. 100 slides of PowerPoint junk that were supposed to be part of a 30 min presentation. Hmmm, I have no idea how that was supposed to work. Anyway, I trashed most of it before sending it back to them but unfortunately they wished to retain a large chunk of the junk, hence 20MB. I was rather aggravated by the whole thing already when the wifi (actually not the wifi, it was the satellite connection) kept dropping out.

The internet should eat that kind of digital junk, really. Maybe that's what the SQ A380 wifi was doing. Protest against digital junk (especially death-by-PowerPoint).

Regardless though, even some purely text-based emails were very slow to download/send, so it was functional but not really good for the waste-of-bandwidth modern day files.

Hopefully BA wifi, when it eventually reaches me, will not be so slow as to add to my aggravation like this.
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