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Originally Posted by sbedelman View Post
They know the refund hasn't gotten to me
With all due respect, on what basis does UA know that the refund hasn't gotten to you? Just your assertion? UA claims to have refunded $3200 to an AMEX card that you used for a portion of the purchase. Presumably you know all of the AMEX cards you have used over the last 12 months, and if you don't, AMEX should (assuming this wasn't some prepaid card). I think your first step is with AMEX to ascertain what cards you used, and what one contains the original $3200 charge that you say has not been refunded. If the last 4-digits of this card are different from those stated by UA, bring this to UA's attention. That should start the correction process. If AMEX has no record of any card to which you charged the $3200, maybe this charge wasn't made to an AMEX card, and start checking your VISA or MasterCards. Until you can develop some documentation to show to UA where the refund was supposed to go, why should UA presume it went to wrong location?
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