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When I was messed up at ORD, the lady in the Flagship Lounge their was extremely helpful, looking for all sorts of rerouting possibilities. My original routing was ORD-SFO-JFK-PHX-JFK-HKG... with the SFO-JFK being the overnight transcon. I had to use the JFK flight back to HKG because I had stored luggage there on my way into the US since I didn't want checked bags on a 6 segment mileage run. Withoutthe luggage I would have had much more freedom.

Unfortunately the ORD-SFO (which was an extension of a LHR-ORD flight IIRC) required an equipment change at ORD and the incoming equipment was delayed and delayed with the result that although I had originally something like a 2.5 hour transit at SFO it seemed very unlikely I would make it.

I worked on it with the lady (I seem to remember her name was Sheila) at the FL for an hour or so, and the best we came up with was for me to take the delayed ORD-SFO and hope that it made up a little time (forecast arrival was 10 mins after departure of the SFO-JFK). But the plan B was that I could get the later SFO-DFW then DFW-PHX to pick up the originally planned PHX-JFK.

In the event we didn't make up any time, so Plan B came into force.

The lady at ORD had already called ahead to the Admiral's Club at SFO to let them know what was going on, and arranged for her to reissue the relevant ticket coupons (at no charge) if I had to adopt Plan B.

The help I got from the FL at ORD and the AC at SFO was outstanding, and although I got a few less miles out of the mileage run than I had hoped there was no serious disruption to my plans.

There was, however, an amusing incident at SFO where I got my new boarding card at the AC with the dreaded "SSSS" on it... The very helpful lady there said that although I was already airside I wouldn't be able to board until I had gone through secondary screening and had the SSSS cancelled. But to make the process quick and easy she invited me to leave my carry-ons and coat in the AC and just go through the secondary screening in shirtsleeves carrying nothing except my boarding pass. This obviously made the process as easy as possible, but did rather defeat the object I thought.
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