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Originally Posted by hvd
It seems to me that unless you have some particular reason to be in Chicago, you should try to avoid it as a transit point if you are operating on a tight schedule. There are many delays generated by Chicago during winter months. I have always opted for DFW that time of year and, so far at least, have managed pretty well.
There was a snow-shower in DFW on Feb. 14, which caused delays of a few hours. I was flying SJU-DFW on my way to SFO and was able to change my DFW-SFO flight to an "earlier" flight that was delayed, but still allowed me to arrive in SFO before my originally scheduled flight. (n.b., I seem to recall that the weather was fine in ORD that day.)

When traveling on a RTW ticket, it is always a good idea to have a "Plan B" for the entire journey. The weather is only one of many potential factors that can affect your trip.
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