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Unhappy Seeking Advice for a Similar Shutdown

Happy almost December!

Recently I've had an experience with Chase shutting down both of my existing CC accounts, very similar to that of @Majo79.

I was approved for the Sapphire Reserve back in September, and then the IHG more than a month after. I always carried a relatively low balance compared to credit line and paid my balance on time, if not early. I have never done any shady spends, and I don't believe in churning card thereby hurting credit card companies.

Note that, I did, however, make a rookie mistake by applying for the Marriott card within a month of having my IHG approved--needless to say, my tertiary card application was denied on the grounds of having "too many apps with a 30-day period". (In retrospect, my applying for a tertiary Chase card within a relatively short period of time and calling the reconsideration line might have triggered the following

About a day or two after my phone convo regarding my Marriott application (probably exactly a week ago by now), I put in a travel notice for my week-long European trip, only to have been placed on a "Periodic Review" the same evening. About three days ago I found out through the online portal that for both of my existing CC accounts:

Your account is closed.

If you have a balance on this account, please continue to make your payments by the due date each month.
As of right now, I haven't recieved a phone call or anything in writing from Chase. All I see is the above message through the online portal.

This is beyond frustrating, as I believe that I've been nothing but a good customer (700+ score across the board) to Chase, and see no reason other than the risk of having too many applications within a short period (a decision I now regret, of course! )

I was happy to read that some fellow flyers here found success in having their cases reevaluated and accounts reinstated. I was wondering if you could provide insights as to whom I should reach out directly (what is the best EO number? Is it (800) 242-7399?) and what the best strategy that I should employ would be to go about having my case reviewed and escalated?

Thanks in advance!


When someone reports an account closure here, a lot of the same questions get asked. It might be useful to answer some questions in advance. This could help figure out what happened or how to proceed:
  1. Did you transfer UR points to someone with a different address? Different last name? No
  2. Did you sell UR points to someone? No
  3. Approximately what percentage of your charges earned less than 5x points in the past 12 months? 90%
  4. Did a Chase or non-Chase bank recently close one of your credit cards? No
  5. Are you using up a large percentage of your credit line on all Chase and non-Chase credit cards? No? (30% Max.)
  6. Is your total credit line with Chase much higher than with other banks? Yes (my only other credit card account is with a major US bank; 3k limit, very good history)
  7. Did you apply for many credit cards or other forms of credit in the past 2 months? ("Many" may be hard to define.) 3 in total; first two approved (2nd card approved almost instantly)
  8. If you have a Chase checking account how much did you typically deposit in money orders per month, if any? JUST opened my checking AND savings accounts with Chase, in person, and with intentions to 1) take advantage of the $500 bonus and 2) to start a Private Client relations (this was all 1.5-2 weeks before account closure/rejection of 3rd card.)
  9. Did you recently start spending a lot more with Chase than in typical months? No
  10. Is your monthly balance frequently close to your credit limit? No, never
  11. Approximately what percentage of spending was on gift cards this year? 15%. All was for legitimate personal use and via MileagePlusX
  12. How much of your bill do you typically pay using WM or KMart bill payment if any? Never
  13. Do you have a Chase mortgage or other account that might be profitable to Chase? No
  14. Has your credit score or credit profile changed recently? As in: significantly more debt, more open credit lines, or a large drop in your credit score? No
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