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Rebelyell and sbm12, I use the 'Rule of 3s' for packing. It refers to items where you pack multiples like shirts, pants, socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc. The Rule is, 'one to wear, one to wash, one to spare.' It makes no difference how long you plan to be gone for, 3 days or 3 months, you pack the same amount.

The traveller's number one enemy is weight. So reducing what you take is always a good idea. That does not mean you must do without anything you consider necessary. It means you should find the lowest weight example of each item you need to take. For example, a rain jacket can weigh 3 lbs. or 7 ozs.! Similar weight reduction can be achieved by not taking more multiple items than you need to. Hence the Rule of 3s. You can take 14 pair of underwear (why do we call them pairs?) for 2 weeks but it quickly becomes obvious beyond that time period that you are going to have to do some washing at some point. No one takes 90 pair of underwear on a 3 month trip.

Learning to wash socks and underwear in a hotel sink in 5 minutes is a necessary life skill for a frequent traveller who travels for more than a few days at a time. It's just like getting into the habit of brushing your teeth before going to bed. Once it's a habit, you don't even notice it.
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