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I travel ~20-30 weeks per year so my habits are different than the 1-5 time traveler. I keep a dedicated set of toiletries in my suitcase, for example, so that's not something I can easily forget. Other useful travel things like power adapters and spare cables stay in the bag, too.

Beyond that, my packing process is simple. A stack of clean underwear/socks, a couple pairs of pants and shirts (t-shirt or dress shirt, depending on the trip purpose) all go in the bag. Add on a bathing suit (always!) and I'm done. My load is nearly identical for a 3 day trip or a 12 day trip. So is the suitcase I use. That makes it very, very easy to do it quickly.

I'm curious what really takes 3 hours to do during the packing process. I legitimately cannot think of what I'd do to spend that long staring at my closet, dresser and suitcase without completing the task. Even if I individually tried on every item I packed to make sure it still fit then refolded it I'm not sure I could get to an hour, let alone three.
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If you are going to be moving around a lot, then pack as light as possible. If you are going to be staying in just one or two places, you can bring more clothes.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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Obviously, if you are going to be dressing up you will need at least a sports coat, which means you probably need a full suitcase rather than a carry-on.
I routinely fit a sports coat in my 20" Tumi bag, including all the other stuff I need.

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I would suggest a couple of pairs of khaki pants, a pair of blue jeans, two to four button-downs, two to four knit "polo" style shirts, a few nice colored t-shirts that can be worn as clothing, a crew-neck sweater, socks, underwear, two pairs of shoes. Add sports coat, winter coat, suit, neckties, if needed.
Cut 3 shirts from the list and the sweater IMO. Also cut at least one pair of pants.
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