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First Horizon E175 flight... doesn't feel much like Horizon

Maybe I've been on too many Q400's over the years but I was really surprised by some things on my first E175 flight SEA-BZN over the weekend.

First off, no Ala Cart. Small thing, but when you board a flight at the C2, C10, C16 gates at SEA, it's kind of standard to get to put your bag on a cart. Overhee ad space in the 175 is better, but still not enough.

I received a late upgrade to F, which I really enjoyed. Comfortable seats! But we got no meal service which left me confused. F pax got a Biscoff cookie, yet PC pax still got a snack box. Some colleagues who traveled the day before said they did get a meal on their flight in F, so maybe we were a one-off? Or I missed an announcement of some kind? Still seemed odd.

Finally, near the end of the flight, a FA got on the intercom to announce that they had heard lots of complaints from coach passengers about not getting complimentary beer or wine. "Complimentary beer and wine is only available on planes with propellers" was the quote from the FA. Really? I'm pretty sure I've gotten beer on CRJ-700's right? Or was that a long time ago and not current?

Anyway, it was a pleasant, fast flight, but I think Alaska/Horizon has some educating to do if they aren't going to continue their legendary great service.
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