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I had a question concerning the free night with Am Ex. It states in the package that if you spend $10K before you anniversary date your first year you receive a free night. Is the anniversary date considered the date you opened the account with Citi Reserve or the date in January AM EX takes control of the accounts? Does that mean if we spend $15K we get two nights the first year (the one for spending the $10K and the one for spending the $15K) or is Am Ex simply lowering the spend to match Citi the first year. If you can get two nights do you have to spend $25K total or $15K (wasn't sure if the counter for the $15K started over once the $10K spend was made or not). The language isn't very clear about how that works.
I'm also assuming that if I met my spend for the Reserve free night I will still get that free night in addition to the free night from Am Ex for meeting the $10K spend by my anniversary date.

The anniversary date will remain as the date you opened your Citi Reserve account. You will be able to earn two weekend night rewards: one by spending $10K that you would have earned through Citi and then a second if you spend $15K with the new Ascend card. The clock starts ticking on the $15K spend threshold on January 30 when the Ascend account goes live. So if you've already spent $8k on your Citi Reserve card for your 2017-2018 “card year” January 30 - once you spend $2K more, you will receive the email from Hilton Honors with your Citi Reserve weekend night reward. That $2K counts toward the $15K required to get the Ascend card weekend night reward.

I lost my Priority Pass activation code. I did not ever activate it as I did not want to pay. Now that we get 10 free I want to. How can I get a new activation code?
Please contact Priority Pass directly to best assist with account questions specific to Priority Pass.

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