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Here are some photos from the new Premium Plaza in LHR T5. Overall it's quite impressive, close to Galleries First level, and much better than the Aspire lounge. It's about the same size but it is less boxed in so feels more spacious. There are WCs and showers inside the lounge, the showers incur an additional 15 fee.

Entry if 05:00 to 22:00. The entrance is by gate 7 and covers the North east corner of T5 departures. You will need a T5 departure and boarding pass to access this lounge, you can't use it if you are departing from another terminal, there again Premium Plaza has lounges elsewhere in LHR including landside.

Priority Pass not accepted, American Express Platinum is, and in fact all the users this morning were AmexPlats, there were about 2 dozen people using it in all. Cash is the realistic other alternative, at 40 per adult.

The lounge benefits from good views, a reasonably strong breakfast offering (and knowing Plaza Premium this will be continued with food later in the day), a wide range of seating suitable for families, couples and single travellers, plenty of power points, its own toilets, and fast broadband. It is also well suited for the North end departures, typically but not definitively domestic departures. The staffing was professional and got the right balance between too little and too much engagement.

This will be a good option for anyone without status, and perhaps even those with oneworld status if they have a family group larger than their allowance. It's pitched at somewhere between Galleries Club and Galleries First, perhaps tending more to First. However Galleries First has nearly three times as many options in terms of food items available at breakfast, plus the champagne, so I doubt that many GF users will be dashing over to use it. That said, a near empty and brand new lounge always gives a good impression in a busy airport.

Incidentally the poor state of the window cleaning on the North side was very evident due to the layout of the lounge, you can't avoid seeing it. I imagine PP will approach HAL about that. On the other side, facing east, it was fine, the windows looked acceptable in that direction. One other oddity is that HAL haven't changed to the two floor-standing air conditioning HVAC units. These seems overkill for the size of the lounge, one should be more than enough, but I think they just built the lounge around them. Either way it could be fairly chilling near the HVACs.

This is the entrance area by gate 7, just follow the signs for it. Best to use North Security if you have a choice, it's just down the escalator from there and past the WH Smith Book Shop.

There are two long table either side of the bar, which will make a good sociable place for a drink in the evening. It isn't entirely obvious but every seating spot has a UK plug built underneath the edge of the table.

Along the wall of the bar area is a photo montage of some of the sights of London.

The breakfast option consisted of continental options on one side, a middle hot breakfast area, and pastries and juice at the other end.

There are only a few newspapers on offer in the lounge, something the BA lounges are better at providing.

This shows the view southwards from the corner of the lounge, looking towards gate 9. It's quite lounge. The basic layout is a lounge area near the door, a refectory area near the food counter, then some casual seating before getting to the bar area. The bar has the two long table, one on each side, and then finally there are more individual seats at the far end, I suspect these will be the quietest.

Refectory seating

There are quite a lot of these individual seats in the lounge. They have individual lights and power sockets on the inside area of the seating side.

The bar wasn't doing much business at 06:00 hrs in the morning, but they seem to have a reasonable selection of alcohol available as well as soft drinks.

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