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Originally Posted by swingaling View Post
No idea what's causing it, but there are HUGE memory leaks all over FT. I believe it's caused by ads. See attached. Windows 7 on Chrome (fast processor and 32GB RAM). Even on this page, where there's only one ad showing up, FT is using a huge amount of resources.

Animated ads are really big offenders here. Not to mention the side bar ads that continually change as you scroll up and down the page. Add infinite scroll to the party and it's just terrible.

Honestly, it's bad all over FT at this point. It's impossible to read a picture-heavy trip report without using an ad blocker. Other FT windows left open consume a ton of resources (constantly loading new ads, videos and animations). The video ads are by far the worst offenders, as the videos cannot be stopped and they auto-play with audio constantly.

I had to re-enable my ad blocker for FT in order to post this message as a quick reply. With FT whitelisted on my ad blocker, my entire system got too laggy to get through typing this message. It's really bad.

I like to support the site and I do like the benefits of having ads enabled, but it's really just not worth the trade off anymore. There's gotta be a way to display ads that don't lock up my system and ruin my ability to use FT.
Interesting...I have been experiencing the same issues, but didn't correlate them to FT until you posted this.
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