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It matters. I've been eating the same food in Y for the last week years. Rubbery chicken, rice, sultanas, cashews, same 2 or 3 sauces, it's extremely repetitive. With an average of 1 EK flight a week it gets old quick.
Yes, I implied frequent flyers will notice, less frequent pax like me don't so much. What I do know is that (for me) the main issue with Emirates food is that halal food is not as good as non-halal food - most of their meat is rubbery and comparatively tasteless. I'd get/do get better food on an airline from without the Middle East but all things considered (i.e. direct flights from GLA to MEL) it ticks enough boxes for me. I know they wouldn't for logistical reasons and probably religious reasons but how about a halal and a non-halal menu? They serve alcoholic drink after all so tenuous religious reasons for sticking to halal. For discussion purposes you understand.
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