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What constitutes "flights booked directly with airlines"? When I book with an OTA, Expedia for example, the charge on my account is from the airline. It does not say the charge is from the OTA. Does this transaction qualify for the additional points under the new Hilton credit cards?
6x points for Ascend or 7x points for Aspire?

In the scenario above, if the charge on your statement is shown as the airline (and not as an OTA charge), then you would indeed earn 6x on the Business card and 7x on the Aspire card.

So you are reading it to include the base room rate, too, and I'm reading it to include incremental spend only.

The Hilton Resort statement credit includes all charges made on the Aspire card, room rate included.

From what I've seen in e-mails, it seems that Hilton is automatically enrolling us in credit cards, yes? I received notification that I am now an "Ascend" cardholder, but the old card didn't have an annual fee, but the Ascend card is $95/year... do we have a choice on this or do you waive the first year of fee at least?
American Express has purchased the Hilton Honors Cards from Citi and those cards will transition to American Express cards on January 30th. The email Hilton sent out last week outlined the following: Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Cards ($95 annual fee) will become Ascend Cards on January 30th and also carry a $95 annual fee. Citi Hilton Honors Signature Cards (no annual fee) will transfer to Hilton Honors American Express Cards with no annual fee.

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