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Originally Posted by diamantaire View Post
hello please could someone provide me the loads for the following, the price seems to have increased substantially :

Ba199 lhr-bom 18th dec 17
ba138 bom-lhr 17th jan 18

thanx a lot in advance
ba 199 0 lhr
12/18/17 8:50 pm bom
12/19/17 11:15 am 777
f0 a0 j9 c9 d9 r0 i0 w1 e0 t0 y9 b0 h0 k0 m0 l0 v0 s0 n0 q0 o0 g0

ba 138 0 bom
01/17/18 2:15 am lhr
01/17/18 6:50 am 777
f9 a9 j9 c9 d7 r0 i0 w9 e0 t0 y7 b0 h0 k0 m0 l0 v0 s0 n0 q0 o0 g0
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