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Originally Posted by wijibintheair View Post

Yes it is still fenced, which can been see as a positive from a game sighting perspective, and easier to monitor on an anti-poaching basis. However, the other side of the argument is with regards the game not being allowed full range of its natural habitat.

The reserve was immaculately maintained, very seldom felt like it was crowded and safari guides and staff were all excellent.

Buffalo camp is a very comfortable camp and a great deck and pool area, with raised tents, which at times have the game walking right under the tents. It has a feel more of a lodge with tented rooms, rather than a traditional tented experience, if that makes any sense?

Johan Rebel may have more intimate knowledge.
I do, and I agree on all points.

Buffalo Camp is really nice. Those raised tents should appeal especially to those who like to watch birds between drives. That river bed along which the platforms have been positioned supports a considerable diversity of birds, and can throw up some interesting surprises.

A huge amount of money has been invested in Kamapa, and it shows. The road network is very well designed and maintenance is top notch. And so forth.

Kamapa is directly across Argyle Road from Eastgate Airport, so for guests flying in or out the transfers take the form of a game drive.

Having said all that, there are several downsides. To whit:

- Buffalo Camp has a unit that seems have been added as an afterthought, right next to the parking lot. You don't want to stay in that one.

- The Cahora Bassa powerlines run diagonally across the reserve. Major eyesore!

- The R40 provincial road and the railroad run along the entire western boundary of the reserve. On calm nights, cars, trucks and trains can be clearly heard as far away as Buffalo Camp. Detracts from the experience, in my opinion.

- Kapama is completely fenced. Although very large by South African private reserve standards, that still makes it a bit of a glorified zoo, in the sense that it somewhat takes the suspense out of the game viewing. Once, for example, you've seen their lions, you know that you will not be surprised by others just around the next corner.

- I would not recommend the larger camps. River Lodge has, if I'm not mistaken, somewhere between 70 and 80 suites. Yikes!

Depending on one's interests and expectations, Kapama need not be a bad choice at all.

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