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These transfer charges are all a bit confusing to me.

Can someone with recent experience please clarify?

Boattransfer on a particular time schedule?

Cost per pax the same no matter at which time?

Cost per pax the same for Moana guest vs guest going to Thalasso to check in?

Possible to avoid the fee when staying in Moana before and/or after Thalasso stay?

If you have already checked into the room, there are Free shuttles between Moana & Thalasso up until 2:15pm (see image below). Otherwise there is a fee of 2486 XPF per person.

This schedule was posted at the Thalasso dock as of 24 Oct 2017.

On 22 Oct 2017 around 1pm, I was charged the boat shuttle fee of 2486 XPF per person from Moana to Thalasso prior to checking into Thalasso (they ask for room number) and I also had luggage. I did not stay at Moana prior, but I'm guessing that doesnt matter and they charge everyone that isnt checked into either hotel at the time of taking the boat shuttle. So I don't think staying at Moana before or after Thalasso would help to avoid the shuttle fee.

On 23 Oct 2017 at 830pm, I was charged the fee of 2486 XPF per person from Moana to Thalasso (after dinner at St James) They again asked for room number to charge me.

Also, breakfast is offered at 50% at check-in if taken for all days at a price of 2250 XPF per person per day.
Transfer to the airport is 6780 XPF per person one way

I suggest to stay at the Conrad instead. They were way more appreciative and hospitable, and provided complimentary water and sodas, wine, fruit basket in room upon arrival. They also asked the purpose of our stay and gave us champagne for our honeymoon. They knew our names and all employees smiled and greeted us. Conrad has much better reef for snorkeling, whereas there's only a little bit at the lagoonairum by the Chapel at the Thalasso. At the Thalasso, they didnt really seem to care why we were there, the rooms were outdated (compared to the newly redone Conrad), and the overall resort feel was just not as good.

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