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Originally Posted by gobluetwo View Post
I am not a psychologist.

I'm guessing you don't have a fear of flying. My completely uneducated (in this area) SWAG is that you're a perfectionist and have very high standards for yourself, and that your fear is less to do with flying itself, but making some sort of mistake that will have tragic repercussions on the airframes that you (or downstream entities) are manufacturing and putting into service. How has work been? Stressful lately?

How did I do? Do I win a cookie?
You might be on to something. I am a Quality Director (Final word on all things quality) for a company that manufactures airframe parts for commercial and military aircraft. The potential repercussions of a mistake on my part may be haunting me. I've been doing this job for 30+ years, and have been having these dreams for 20+. Not afraid of flying at all, I love it!

Are you sure you're not a shrink?
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