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Lots of theories about dreams and some folks who study them. I'm not an expert but it seems there is usually some tie to real life things, just twisted around.

I have a fairly frequent recurring dream of being in a plane crash - sometimes the dream ends before the actual crash and sometimes not. I'm a pilot myself and definitely not scared of flying. The dream details are often random but sometimes it does center around flying to/from some location, or flying with other people, that are part of some situation I'm dealing with in real life at the moment, so that's likely the meaning behind it, to the extent there is any meaning.

I also have a recurring dream of driving a car up a long, steep bridge (e.g., the Sunshine Skyway in Tampa), only to find the bridge is broken up and I can't stop in time, so I drive off into the water and drown. As a child I recall being freaked out after seeing some movie where something similar happened, and since then have had a vague fear of being in that situation so I'm guessing that's the cause of the dreams.

As a child we lived a few blocks from a fairly busy freight rail line and I very often had nightmares where a train was about to crash into the house, and I couldn't move in time. Once in awhile I still have that dream.
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