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Originally Posted by Baze View Post
Hate it when people throw the race card when there is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, BU, NO evidence of race having anything to do with it. Someone just making an excuse for them selves to justify their anger.
I think racial profiling is perhaps more prominent than many people are aware of. I have sympathy with the poster if she genuinely feels she has done nothing wrong but try to provide constructive feedback. Hotel chains actively encourage this and maybe it's naive not to know that they don't really want this and that this is actually just a public relations exercise.

I think in society there is an oversensitivity, including from brands regarding image. The other day a skin care brand apologised for an advert that had no racist connotation or intention, but effectively had to admit it had done something wrong to save its brand - the power of people on social media had won out. I certainly know in the workplace that being male now really counts against you as society seeks to redress the imbalance of generations before. Our media outlets are now dedicated to 50% gender-negative (male) articles..

Anyway, keeping on topic... if the poster has found similar examples online with people complaining and having the same experiences and that they happen to be chinese then I can understand this feeling of injustice. I do think there is a cultural difference here, certainly with regard to complaining. And, yes, I think it's possible that where suspicious activity typically happens from one geographic location, then this might be risk managed accordingly. But, even if this was the case (which I'm certainly not saying is), then highlighting this will not help in anyway.

I do find it alarming that an account with significant monetary value could just be shut down without warning and without further discussion.
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