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Welcome to FlyerTalk, SYL. Your story doesn't sound so "super simple" 12 paragraphs later. Anyway:

The WyndhamRewards website lets you select lots of special rates. I use them all the time on the website, without having to type in any codes. Just because you booked it from the official website doesn't mean you couldn't have used a special rate.

In fact, the normal tate is not prepaid. So it was a special rate if it was a prepaid rate!

I don't understand why you used a prepaid rate if you were going to get reimbursed by your business. Prepaid rates are always more confusing to get reimbursed, many hotels show them as $0 on the bill, not just Super 8, not just WyndhamRewards.

Meanwhile, how does your credit card statement list the charge?
Thanks for the reply!

I checked my credit card statement. The total amount was charged on the day I checked out. So I actually didn't pay prepaid. I edited my original post.

Actually, I just came back from a leisure trip where I stayed at six different SPG hotels. During my July business trip I stayed at Extended Stay America. I always prepaid. I used to stay at Hilton and Marriott. None of them have ever gave me a $0 bill for a prepaid stay. Maybe I've been lucky, until I stayed at Super 8?

Alright... So even if I DID pay a special rate (some special rate other than the prepaid rate...) Shouldn't a Wyndham property be able to print a correct folio... even if it is a special rate? If the property couldn't... Shouldn't the central reservation be able to do that... But clearly they didn't have any human being read through my request. All they replied is to let me talk to the property. Same format, same text, every time.

BTW, my credit card statement simply listed room rate and tax fees combined as one single transaction. Is that what you're referring to?

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