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OP has a CC statement showing that his account was debited for the room and a statement from the property showing the stay and a $0 balance. Not sure what else anyone could want or supply. Perhaps less messy on one piece of paper, but I do not see Wyndham or any other chain or individual property altering its accounting practices because OP's employer can't take two pieces of paper rather than one.

This sounds more like a labor dispute than a hotel issue.
Thanks for the reply! Sorry for being late.

What you said is not exactly true. The folio Super 8 gave me actually has a -$75.81 balance, not a $0 balance. Because, the folios shows that the room charges $0, the tax and fees are $0, but my credit card is charged $75.81.

It gets interesting here.

Plus, while I appreciate your input in various replies, I don't completely agree with you on various points.

First, as I already noted, the confirmation email only says "total room rate $67.99 tax is not included". No tax, no total amount, just room rate. I don't know why but that's what I got. My folio shows my total payment is $75.81. Honestly, even I don't know if the difference, $7.82, is solely tax or not. Could that be $2.82 in tax and $5 for a bottle of water? My accounting folks don't know. Oh, those green eye shades people can go and look up the state tax, county tax, municipality tax, hotel and resort fee, new room fee... for the hotel and figure out what the $7.82 is themselves. Well, then I guess the green eye shades people at Wyndham should give me a correct folio in the first place.

Second, I honestly don't know why you believe the folio is good. The room rate is $67.99, the tax is (supposedly) $7.82, I paid $75.81, the balance is $0. Now, the folio shows, the room rate is $0, the tax is $0, I paid $75.81, the balance is -$75.81. Does the folio really appear correct to you? I can't think of how this can be remotely related to fraud prevention... If I'm missing anything let me know. To me, if the folio doesn't reflect actual charges and payments, it is wrong. But you said you don't see how Wyndham should alter it. I think I must be missing something.

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