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Originally Posted by HLCinCOU View Post
That's a really bad comparison. Looks to me like Y seats on all three are more or less equivalent. The numbers you quote are accurate...but it's the premium cabins that account for the difference.

Bottom line, they pack more people on the HD because they sacrificed premium seating (and lavs vs. AA), not because they made the Y seats smaller. The lavs are a drag I suppose, but unless you're angling for an upgrade I don't see a reason to say "just don't" if you're OK flying similar distances in Y on AA or UA.
Whoa - of course the seats themselves are similar. But - "The lavs are a drag, I suppose?"

No. Just no.

Imagine this - 50 minutes before landing, you're thinking "Hmmm... I should probably pee." Then the pilot comes on and says "We're anticipating turbulence, so we're going to turn the fasten seatbelt sign on early... you've got about ten minutes."

You're now competing with a whopping 65 people per toilet.

Hell to the No.
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