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Originally Posted by canopus27 View Post
Interesting, thanks. That said, having a single booking ref across multiple airlines, feels like it's interesting to me as a computer geek -- and not overly beneficial to me as a travel geek.
Not quite so.

Right now, you have legs on LH, or SN, for instance, you cannot book a seat without getting the Amadeus booking reference from AC.

Or, if something goes wrong, you cannot check the leg on LH etc. Just happened to us last month. Got rebooked after missing a connection. Remainder of the LH and SN flights were totally messed up. Good that I had the Amadeus booknig ref so I could check and found the next leg had dropped in a black hole.

What would be most beneficial to me, would be if I could start to have airlines like LH recognize my status (more than *G)
Should be the caee now and normally it is. But again lately I had two instances when I had to get my AE number added in the lounge. With LH and SN.

and maybe even offer AC-like benefits (using e-upgrades on LH flights, etc). However, I've always assumed that the reasons that was not done today, were more about business decisions, and less about technical limitations of the underlying systems. Was I wrong?
Different story. Might make these things easier, but these are not really reservation system issues. LH and UA do these things even though UA does not use Amadeus.
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