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Able to confirm that OAK-LAX does have these low ratios. For instance, on 23 October, the 5:25am nonstop is $48.98 with a base fare of $32.35. The points cost is 1934, making the ratio right about 60pts : $1 of base fare. The 12:10p nonstop is also $48.98, also with a base fare of $32.35. The points cost is (as I'm accustomed to) 2330, making the ratio right about 72pts : $1 of base fare. I hope they start doing this for more early and late flights, as we tend to take the last flight out of town some evening and the first flight back in a couple days later.

As an aside, I prefer to take the cash cost of the flight, subtract $5.60, and use that as the effective value yielded for the points - in this case, 1934pts : $43.38, or 2.24c per point. It doesn't account for the earnings, though, of 195 points - which changes the equation to 2129 points : $43.38 or just over 2c per point. Regardless of how anal you want to be in calculating it, the above discovery is definitely a change and it is definitely in our favor.

Tangentially related, does anyone remember how many points they were charging for the $29 SFO-LAS flights they were running awhile back? I'm trying to remember if that yielded a better effective points value than this. The cheapest flight I can book right now, offhand, is LAX-DEN for $38.98, base fare of $23.05. That yields a 'true' value of 1.72c per point.
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