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Originally Posted by JAXBA View Post
Exactly how many speeding tickets did you collect???

There shouldn't be any other charges, no. Avis have either found damage you weren't aware of, or you have speeding/parking/unpaid toll charges. You'd need to ask Avis for a breakdown.

No speeding... no damage... all tolls paid... no parking fines.

I'll ask Avis as you suggest and I have contacted BA customer service to ask what has happened.

PS Just got on to the Avis web site and downloaded my receipt. There were no additional charges such as damage or fines etc... the entire bill came to just over 2000USD and they only credited me 600USD for the BA booking. I have also checked the booking on MMB and it clearly states I booked the car and have paid for it with almost no additional fees.

I am certain that Avis should not have made this additional charge and according to the BA T&Cs and my booking I can see no provision for it either.

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