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No refund even with life threatening health events? [AA flight]

Recently my spouse and I had to cancel our reservation in August 2017 for a flight departing 10/28/17 due to medical emergencies. I had pancreatitis which resulted in emergency surgery on 8/3/17 and my spouse had to undergo emergency surgery on 8/22/17 to remove a cancerous prostate. Both of these conditions were life-threatening and both of our surgeons do not want us to travel for the next few months. This was memorialized in letters from the surgeons and were available by phone for further verification. Unfortunately, we were denied a refund by American Airlines, despite the fact that the cancellation was at least 2 months in advance. I was informed that the decision was made because these medical conditions were not life threatening. Unbelievable that a business can be so unprofessional and uncompassionate- prostate cancer and pancreatitis is not life-threatening??? Really? I wonder what public opinion will think of that. Undoubtedly, American Airline is able to fill those seats so there is no loss to American Airlines; besides you overbook anyway. BTW - my spouse and I have loyally used US Airlines/ American Airlines twice a year for the past 17 years to go on cruises. I find it extremely disconcerting that American Airlines would be willing to sacrifice the loss of future business over a few bucks ($1300); but most disturbing is the total disregard for compassion and understanding.

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