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Originally Posted by Corganbr View Post
This week I was on GRU-JFK and the flight looked full. There were several names in the standby list and as a Platinum medallion I had hopes for a OP-UP. I was surprised and angry when I saw many last minute people settling in Delta One. Then I checked the app and 8 people from standby got Delta One seats even though the status said "main cabin".

Does anyone know what happened? I want to write a complaint letter to DL but thought I should check here before I do.
I just saw this on my international flight. No one was on the upgrade waitlist for D1, which would mean that all GUC requests had already cleared. There was a long "upgrade" wait list for C+, but it was full.

Maybe a dozen folks were listed as standby. They all cleared the standby list as "main cabin" although all but two of them were assigned D1 seats. I would assume either that the two (same last names and listed consecutively)hadn't wanted to pay the fees associated with D1 nonrev seating for their category (maybe the ZED or whatever that's based on a percentage of the fare for your cabin) or weren't eligible to ride nonrev in D1, perhaps because it was a parent traveling with a small child.

Still, I did notice the "main cabin" designation with D1 seat assignments and wonder now based on the OP here whether this is some new policy at DL to make it less obvious how many empty seats there were in D1 or how many nonrevs were in D1 on the flight. I did a double take because I've never seen the standby list look like this although I have seen similar numbers of nonrevs get into D1 seats.

ADDED: in contrast to what davetravels saw, my international flights in June and July had a few nonrevs in D1, but the app did not indicate that they were seated in the main cabin....and today the nonrevs in D1 did not get main cabin service either.

BTW, with my flight being so empty, I was surprised that more nonrevs didn't flock to it. I had expected the number of nonrevs on the standby list to at least equal the number of available D1 seats.
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