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1. Shutdown by Bank of America (Checking + Savings) 8/21/2017
2. Checking account opened June 2012; savings recently
3. Average account balance 5K
4. Average MS (MO deposits) 30K / month started 2 years ago
5. No cycling CL
6. No BP

I did the 10K savings offer where you get $150 after depositing 10K during 30-days initial period (deposited in mid-April 2017), then keeping the 10K in there for the 60-day subsequent period, and then receive $150 within 60 days of this. I guess they will try to shaft me out of the $150 and I will have to do CFPB complaint.

Two letters dated 8/21 received 8/22 saying my deposit accounts will be restricted in 21 days and permanently closed in 30 days.

I also have Cash Rewards, Better Balance, and Merrill+ CCs which I did not receive a closure notice for, but I suppose I should cash out 53K Merrill points before they take those too. BofA always gave me measly CLs compared to other CC issuers.

One interesting thing to think about is that if I had used a bunch of local CUs instead, I could have been shutdown by all of them even if this volume was spread out.

The letters do not say I am barred from opening deposit accounts in the future.

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