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Originally Posted by Ziz View Post
I haven't tried this, but other posters have pointed out that BA won't fly with unaccompanied luggage. This means even if you check your bag through to AMS, if you don't get on the AMS flight, they will offload the bag and it will appear eventually in baggage claim, although you may have to wait a long time for it.
This is a terrible idea. To actually execute it, someone would have to conclude that their savings of a few pounds on a ticket were sufficiently important that they'd be prepared to actively and intentionally delay the next flight and all its passengers (along possibly with multiple subsequent flights), by obliging the baggage handlers to go searching the cargo hold for a bag. A bag offload could be enough to cause a missed take-off slot.

That pre-departure announcement that 'a transfer passenger's bag is loaded but they are not' is a disheartening one at the best of times. How much worse to imagine that it could be intentional.
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