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Originally Posted by MikeFromTokyo View Post
Most have acceptable coffee, but sometimes I feel certain hotels could do better, while others stand out as excellent.

Re FS Marunouchi, complimentary morning coffee via room service in addition to your choice of in-room or restaurant breakfast is something a FSPP could probably negotiate for you.
Okay I will say something regarding coffee culture and hotels... I always felt that luxury hotels don't have a clue how to make a proper coffee/cappuccino/espresso. God forbid even Starbucks baristas have better knowledge about these things, compared to a 12 EUR cappuccino at a European luxury hotel. Depending on the location (some are better) and hotel group, they will invariably present absolutely awful creations. Which is sad, as I often like to sit in a beautiful lounge or lobby for some hours to work and enjoy a great espresso. Most properties apparently think that an espresso is half a coffee, but fail to understand that a good one is only a sip (not a doppio), but with a great gold-brown crema and from a quality blend. I don't want to be served Nespresso, or a cappuccino from a fully automated machine. It should be crafted.

Luxury hotels should be better at these things than the little coffeehouse around the corner. But it's often the opposite!

A few exceptions worth mentioning: FS Dubai (excellent espresso), FS Milan, Café Gray Deluxe, Café Cha at the Siam, Park Hyatt Bangkok (who would have thought?)...
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