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Increased Scrutiny of Electronics on Flights to the US

I got a call yesterday (7/18) from my girlfriend in Colombia because there was a rumor that a laptop and large electronic device ban was about to go into effect between the US and Colombia. I checked airline forums and even called Avianca and no one knew anything so I called her back and said "fake news" and then an hour later a Colombian government official came on the local TV in Bogota saying there WAS a ban going into effect, and then an hour after THAT the same TV station issued a bulletin saying, "false alarm, no ban", just "increased scrutiny".

And NOW in
where it says... "if the lap-top or tablet fails inspection for exterior damages such as scratches, missing parts, the airlines authorized to fly to major hubs within the United States will not be allowed to transport the device."

... so what does that even MEAN? Scratches? The article implies this is coming from the TSA.
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