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Originally Posted by hotsauce View Post
Thanks. I live in SLC and they are booked through Feb 2018. Go to Denver quite a bit, they are also booked into Feb 2018.

I could drive to Boise since they have one spot left on a Saturday the weekend after next. It's a 6hr drive though and I really don't want to burn an entire Saturday if they say no when I walk in and tell me to start all over again.

I've sent the question via Global Entry's webform, but they say it takes 10-15 days to respond. Maybe I'll call them tomorrow.

Thanks all.
As gobluetwo suggested, check SLC Global Entry office availability often, especially when that office is open. If you check several times a day, you may be able to find something acceptable soon, even though that office is only open 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday.
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