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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
Here's an old thread where I asked about space. My desire to have space has only increased since them. I prefer a full suite when I can manage it. Space will compensate for lacks in other areas. There are times when I haven't been able to find a luxury hotel, but I have been able to secure a suite at a chain hotel. I had a 1000 sq ft suite in Dresden, overlooking the historic heart of the city (Hilton). I had a 1000 sq ft suite in Guayaquil, Ecuador (Doubletree). More and more I'll spend the money or the points to secure space.

I like a view. I really like a view of water or mountains or a baroque fountain or an interesting piece of architecture. I like a hotel that positions its furniture and designs its windows and curtains so that I can enjoy the view.

I like comfortable furniture. I'm shocked at how few hotels offer a chair with a foot stool. That should be basic. Don't offer form over function. We've had many a conversation with hotel management trying to find comfortable furniture for the room. It surprises me how cavalier they sometimes are about these issues. I've even turned a wastepaper basket upside down, put a pillow on it, and used it as a footstool.

I want a walk in shower. Don't expect me to step up over a high sided tub with no grab bars. Offer a tub and shower if space permits, but a shower should be baseline.

I like good food. It's ideal if the hotel offers great food but if not, have staff who know where to find it and can make bookings.

Decor isn't as important to me. I like zen, found at many Park Hyatts and Amans, as I find it peaceful. But it's not essential to me as I live that way at home.

I'm sure I'll think of more.
Abso-effing-lutely. All of that. And, bingo ditto on the footstool/hassock issue. Seriously, just exactly what are you supposed to do with your legs and feet. Honestly, I swear! You are my travel twin, sandiego1K!
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