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I told him to right away call Delta and say the son was stuck and to ask about the "flat tire rule"
There is an unwritten rule called the "Flat Tire Rule" where they will usually place you on standby for the next flight out based on the circumstances.
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I had the dad tell the son to get on Twitter and contact @Delta for help.
try Twitter as well
Gotta say, it's more helpful if posters actually skim the post instead of suggesting that the OP try what the OP said she already tried.

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and if all else fails still get to the airport as soon as possible. The airport agents usually have a lot more leeway (and awareness) of local issues than someone on a phone sitting on the other side of the country. I've had times where the phone agents couldn't do anything so I went to the airport and the agents there went out of their way to find me a solution - even once getting together with the airline next door to help me get where I needed as all the later flights were oversold.

As said above, the flat tire rule is unofficial. You have to approach it as if you are asking for help, not demanding they do something they aren't required to do.
This is much more helpful, I think.
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