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How to get MPM yourself

I'm surprised no one has posted this, as Aeroplan has included the MPM in their search results source for several years.

Simply search for a 3 flight multicity trip with dummy dates, set the origin and return your home airport and the 1st or 2nd destination your desired POT. Make sure the other stop is a lot closer to home and that all 3 legs have availability. Then once the flight results load, in a new tab quickly open the JSON source using this URL (replace the dns if different):

Then in the JSON, search for the text "mpm". You'll also see other goodies in the file such as the miles between each segment's city pair.

Or, a faster method but only tested on Chrome, after the results load simply type this into your browser's address bar. Replace [colon] with the real : character


To verify your POT is correct, type


To view the city pair distances, use:

javascript[colon]alert(JSON.stringify(results.results.NormalResults .distances));

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