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Monty is at Jena overseeing recruiting. Nicolas is back, too, along with support from a very young but enthusiastic team. Guess everything is back to normal. For those of you wondering about a potential stay there, contact them beforehand and wait for a while, as they are on minimal staff levels. They just had a huge Brazilian wedding there (another buy-out), but even with low-ish occupancy I wonder how they will cope. Thankfully summer is quite slow in Morocco -- at least at MO and Jena, while FS is as busy as they can be. Impressive.

Villa D'Orangers is still quite accomplished, with good service and passable food.

For those who PMed me about Palais Namaskar... yikes. May I recommend they hide their arrivals/departures list at reception when guests are around, even more so when there are only 2 guests staying in total. No security to speak of, minimal staff and maintenance a nightmare. I won't comment about design, as this has been discussed extensively here and my dislike for anything Monsieur Starck is known by now. But when you have this amount of ponds and water features maintenance is crucial and it appears the current owners just don't want to spend. What is their plan? Is there a plan? I don't believe there is. Anyone who tried to take responsibility in the past has long left (various GMs), now a Moroccan GM is in charge, or is he? The place smells like an old, moldy movie theatre and the few staff left aim to please but it is tough. I had a drink, to give them the chance to have a guest at least once in their lifetime, which was quite good. While I don't drink I made sure it was with Champagne as I wasn't quite trusting of something fresh...

Marrakech has had the best few months in a very long time and the winners are clear (FS amongst them), but as more people go and the Red City becomes more lively, I wonder if Palais Namaskar still has a market.

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