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Santa Rosa (STS) Baggage Service

I just got off a flight from LAX-STS. A very small round of baggage came out in 10-15 minutes and about a dozen people were left waiting for their bags. After 30-40 minutes of waiting for a second round of bags, I called the the MVP line and was transferred to their baggage line. After another few minutes on hold an agent answered and tried to be helpful. However, she could not do much as she was unable to connect with anyone at the airport (she said the phone numbers she had did not work). I finally asked her to check on my bags in particular and she found they were still in LAX.

Aside from the problem that at STS there was not one Alaska person available to even confirm that no more bags were coming (nor is there status on the overhead monitor), a bigger issue is that the Alaska cannot even communicate with their personnel at the airport (mind you this was a weekday at 11am). Numerous passengers were left wondering where their bags were and had no one to turn to.

I had the agent forward my bags to my home and they should arrive later, but having to stand around and then call Seattle to find out my bags were in LAX seemed ridiculous. At the very least, someone could tell waiting passengers, "that's all the bags, please call # if your bags not here."

Also, does anyone know why Alaska cannot just tell people in advance through a text when their bags don't make a flight? They have the data. Or, perhaps allow passengers to scan or input their tags and get status on their own bags? I know, pie in the sky ideas...
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